Neighbour Murdered Harrow Woman Alison Morrison After Three Year Campaign Of Harassment

Neighbour From Hell Murdered Woman After Three Year Campaign Of Harassment

A man murdered his neighbour by stabbing her 33 times following a three-year neighbour-from-hell campaign of harassment.

The day after he was handed a restraining order against her and her family, satellite TV engineer Trevor Gibbon, 48, who was armed with two knives, lay in wait for Alison Morrison, 45, as she walked to the station on her way to work on 18 December last year.

After carrying out the frenzied attack, he fled the scene and was discovered 100 miles away later that morning, he still had Morrison’s dried blood on his hands.

As his victim lay dying, she repeatedly told those trying desperately to help her: "Trevor Gibbon did this to me."

Alison Morrison was stabbed 33 times in the attack

The Old Bailey had heard how bad feelings between the family and Gibbon dated back to 2011 when Morrison, her husband Cedric and their teenage son moved next door to Gibbon and his partner in Harrow, north-west London.

Almost immediately, Gibbon complained about the noise from the boy's skateboard and, despite the Morrisons' attempts to placate him, nothing seemed to satisfy him.

Gibbon went on to harass and threaten Morrison by trapping her in her car, banging dustbin lids loudly at 6am below her window, and repeatedly flashing his car lights.

Even though the Morrisons wanted to live peacefully with their neighbour, the situation escalated and came to a head in October last year, when Gibbon followed them on their way to work and stopped and stared at them in his car in an "eerie prequel" of what was to come.

He was charged with harassing the family between August 1, 2012 and October 31, 2014 and admitted the offence at magistrates' court the day before the killing.

The jury at the Old Bailey was shown a statement written by Morrison about the harassment.

It read: "It got so bad that I could not sleep properly as I felt it would never end.

"He seemed to enjoy it, and whenever the police visited they would change their tactics and escalate what they were doing.

"The constant unending harassment despite police and council intervention was draining.

"Even now I don't believe he knows how to stop doing what he did and fully expect him to start again when he knows things have quietened down."

Just days later she was dead.

Mrs Morrison's sister, Lorraine Brathwaite, addressed Gibbon in the dock, saying: "You have directly caused me the most hurt I have ever felt in my entire life.

"I cannot comprehend the pure hatred someone must feel to inflict such a callous, brutal act on another human being. She was so much more than your actions, so, so much more."

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