CNN Mistakenly Spots ISIS Flag At London Pride, Doesn't Notice Banner Is Made Up Of Dildos And Butt Plugs

When did CNN stop being a news channel? On April 15th, 2014, when the network held a panel discussion on whether Malaysian Airlines flight 370 fell into a black hole.

Yet on Saturday the broadcaster surpassed that nadir, running an "exclusive" segment on the “unnerving sight” of the Islamic State flag at a Pride event in London.

The “ISIS flag amongst a sea of rainbow colours was spotted by a CNN international assignment editor,” said the anchor, gravely.

CNN International’s Lucy Pawle was hastily brought to the phone to discuss the implications of the terror symbol at the LGBT event.

What the journalist failed to notice was that the letters on the flag were made up of an assortment of sexual devices, including dildos, butt plugs and whips.

“It’s certainly not Arabic,” said Pawle, earnestly. She wasn’t wrong.

“In fact, it looks like it could be gobbledygook. But it’s very distinctively the ISIS flag,” she added.

Neither CNN nor the Islamic State have yet to comment on the segment. Pawle is reportedly spending Saturday evening updating LinkedIn.

London Pride 2015