'Big Brother': Nikki Grahame Claims Helen Wood Mocked Battle With Anorexia: 'She Called Me A Skinny C***'

Big Brother’ legend Nikki Grahame has claimed that Helen Wood mocked her eating disorder while they were in the reality show house together.


Nikki - who has a well documented history of problems with food, stemming back to her childhood - has revealed that Helen made a series of vile slurs about her appearance, which has been caused by her illness.

Nikki Grahame

“She called me a ‘skinny c**t’ and who says that to a recovering anorexic?”

“She's just pure poison and that's all I can say. You know what, I feel sorry for her because I'm sure somewhere deep down there she can be a good person, but I think she's just got so many issues and I really think she needs help. I just hope that she gets well soon,” she added.

Helen Wood

While in the house, Helen - who sparked a huge public backlash when she said Brian Belo looked like a “murderer and a rapist”, causing him to quit the house - also made light of mental health issues, telling Brian the “men in white coats were coming for him” and that he needed to wear a straitjacket.

Since leaving the house, Helen has continued to mock Nikki’s looks on Twitter, claiming that “her height & oap features make her seem vulnerable”.

She told one follower: “Clips I've seen of her & that clown are all the signs of a bully,her height & oap features make her seem vulnerable.”

When one follower explained that she was “all natural” unlike Helen, who has had several cosmetic procedures, she wrote: “Well that's a relief because if she's spent money on achieving that look I’d be hunting down my receipt!”

She added to another follower: “I think Nikki looks like the final stages of a crack addiction, didn't say that to her face.”

Helen fiercely rejected claims she was a bully while she was in the house, telling Danny Wisker: "I'm actually a very caring person. I'm a good friend to a lot of people. The last thing I am is a bully.”

'Big Brother': Nikki and Helen row

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