Binocular Contact Lenses To Offer Superhuman Vision

Until now superhuman vision has always been reserved for the likes of DC comic heroes that parade their city of choice wearing red capes.

Thankfully Swiss and U.S. scientists have created prototype contact lenses that would act as binoculars and magnify every image that your eyes come across.

According to the Scientific American, the device is 1.5 millimetres thick and when worn with glasses, makes objects three times bigger than its actual size.

Wearers will be able to switch between normal vision and their Superman-esque lenses using winks as the glasses will reportedly help the eye distinguish between unintentional and voluntary blinks.

While the lenses (which is being funded by the U.S. Defence Department) could be worn by anyone, it will ultimately provide a viable alternative to surgery for those who are visually impaired.

This is not the first time science has looked at improving our vision. In May a Canadian doctor Dr Garth Webb claimed that his bionic lenses would be able to give us eye sight that is three times better 20/20 vision.

Unlike the binocular lenses, Webb's creation is a privately funded venture that would require an eight-minute surgery.

Although both devices are yet to undergo clinical trials, the research does prove that we are slowly but surely inching our way towards having superhuman vision in some form or another.