What Happens When You Leave Your Contact Lenses In For Months? This Lady Went Blind

Ever considered making your contact lenses last just one more day?

Watch this video and you won't ever consider cutting contact corners again.

A woman recently went blind after she left her contacts in for six months straight. But even leaving your contacts in slightly over the prescribed time can be dangerous.

So, why is it so bad to leave your contacts in for a long period of time?

Bacteria can begin to grow between your eye and the lens if you leave your contacts in for longer than you're supposed to - the eye receives a lack of oxygen when you're wearing contacts, which encourages the bacteria to grow.

If bacteria is left untreated, it can begin to eat away at the eye, which will eventually lead to blindness.

Also if you allow your contacts to repeatedly touch un-sterile water, for example in a swimming pool, this can cause the lens to swell up, changing the fit of the contact and potentially damaging the eye.

An estimated 77 million people wear contact lenses worldwide - it really is essential each and every one of us takes eye-health seriously.