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More than two million Brits are overdue an eye test. Here's how to counteract the impact of lockdown on your eyes.
The average adult watched almost six hours of TV per day last year.
Sir Paul McCartney swears by the method. Here's how to do it.
An estimated 2,900 road casualties are caused by poor vision every year.
Experts are calling for a change in the law that would see drivers required to prove their vision meets the legal standard
High street opticians are giving the public insufficient eye tests, with poor services leaving some with incorrect and potentially
Conjunctivitis is one of those common health complaints that can affect us all from time to time and it occurs when the conjunctiva (a thin layer of cells covering the front of your eyes) becomes inflamed.
One of my privileges as an optician is to see my patients' faces light up when a new prescription means they no longer need