This Absurd MiG-29 Fighter Jet Stunt Is As Cool As It Is Terrifyingly Dangerous

As everyone remembers in the film 'Top Gun', the MiG-29 was the famous plane that Tom Cruise inverted over to give his own special greeting the Russian pilots below him.

Well two can play at that game and as this astonishing video shows, the Russians might just have pipped it.

It's highly unlikely that the crew of the troop transport just happened to open their rear door to find a multi-role fighter jet just hanging around at the back, but actually that doesn't detract from the sheer lunacy that's unfolding before you.

Close formation flying isn't just hard, it's incredibly hard, so to not only be staying still but wildly swaying around at the back makes this one very brave (stupid) fighter pilot.

The crew remarkably seem pretty unfazed by the jet as it gently sways around behind them. If there's one consolation it's that both planes may well have been at low altitude as suggested by the fact that the MiG's landing gear is deployed.

Either way it's not something you'll see everyday, in fact it's not something you'll probably see in person ever.