Lego Movie Inspires Everything Is Awesome Chrome Extension That Blocks Out All Internet Negativity

This Chrome Extension Literally Makes Everything On The Internet 'Awesome'

Let's be honest, the internet can be a very dark place that most of us brave out of sheer necessity.

Well a new Chrome Extension, inspired by the Lego movie's theme song Everything Is Awesome, has come up with an interesting way of making the world wide web a better place --it replaces swear words and negative terminology with the word awesome, in bright rainbow colours.

No prizes for guessing what this word used to be before the extension was added:

While rainbow coloured words may not fit everyone's definition of positivity, the extension is an effective way of blocking out certain words -- something concerned parents may find useful.

What it doesn't appear to do is catch slang words.

For example, if the word 'whore' is Googled the extension helpfully swaps it out for its trademark rainbow coloured 'awesome, which could prove to be quite unhelpful if you are not familiar with the original meaning.

However, the extension doesn't pick up on slang words including 'hoe' keeping sites such as Urban Dictionary relatively free of Lego happiness.

London based marketing agency Verve Search, who are admittedly fans of the Lego movie built the extension with the simple goal of injecting a little positivity into the world.

James Congdon, a creative strategist at the firm said:

To be frank, our founder and MD Lisa Myers is a huge lego fan who is constantly torturing (I awesome treating us) to clips from the Lego movie on YouTube - which inherently means that we all find ourselves humming the tune to 'Everything is awesome' on a daily basis.

This coupled with our desire to inject some positivity into the search results, inspired us to create this really fun Chrome extension.

For all intensive purposes, the extension is a good laugh but it can add a layer of frustration to those of us who are trying to have genuine conversation about all negativity on the web.

While writing this article, the extension changed all the negative words in the CMS, including bad and ugly, into the word awesome -- a good reminder that not everything is always awesome.


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