01/07/2015 09:46 BST | Updated 01/07/2015 09:59 BST

Muslim Schoolgirls Design Unrestrictive Sportswear For Basketball

When religious custom meets basketball, traditional clothing can be a problem.

A team of young Muslim women have designed new uniforms that allow them to play the sport without restriction.

Not covering up is not an option for some so the new sportswear will enable the 8th graders to shield their heads, arms and legs.

Traditional muslim clothing is restrictive for many athletes

The team are based in Minneapolis but many of their players are young immigrants from Somalia and elsewhere in East Africa.

Previously, female Muslim athletes have been blocked from participating in major events due to their headscarves.

In 2011, the Iranian women’s soccer team was disqualified from the Olympics because the FIFA banned their hijabs, though FIFA overturned its headscarf ban the following year.

The basketball team's coach Muna Mohammed said: "I tell my girls you can be pretty and still be physically active in a sport.

"With some help from the University of Minnesota, the girls designed their own uniforms."


"One features leggings and a knee-length tunic, another is a bright red outfit that includes a black cowl and the girls love it"

Fashion blogger and designer Hana Tajima shares a similar stance with the basketball players.

Tajima announced her collaboration with Japanese manufacturers UNIQLO in June and her goal - to create modest and cool clothing for a mass audience.

The life wear collection will appeal to people of a Muslim faith as it will include traditional pieces like the hijab and kebaya.

Unfortunately the only place to buy the selection in store is Singapore however it will be available online from 3 July.