15 Money Hacks For A Cheap Festival

15 Money Hacks For A Cheap Festival
Fans dance on shoulders as they watch Kanye West performing on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival, at Worthy Farm in Somerset.
Fans dance on shoulders as they watch Kanye West performing on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival, at Worthy Farm in Somerset.
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Car sharing, taking an old phone and making your own wellies for a pound are just some of the top money saving tips for festivals, according to experts.

Luckily, the money-saving gurus at Promotional Codes have come up with 15 ways to save pennies for the upcoming festival season.

1. Make your own wellies for a pound

Instead of forking out for an expensive pair of designer wellies, just wrap plastic bags around your shoes and secure with duct tape. You might look a bit silly, but you’ll have the last laugh when splashing around in the mud.

2. Use social media

Many festivals will have Twitter account and apps designed specifically for the event. Keep an eye on their feeds for discount and get involved using the hashtag, they might tweet you some goodies as a thank you.

3. Car share

It’s more fun than getting the coach and can save you a fortune in petrol. Car pool with some mates and split the costs or check out the festival’s forum and see who else is travelling from your area. Who knows, you might even make some new friends.

4. Take an old phone and insure valuables

It might seem like you can’t live without it, but you can survive a few days away from your £400 smartphone. In wet muddy conditions, your phone is very vulnerable plus the battery life on old phones will last much longer. Take an old Nokia and insure any other valuables.

5. Do a supermarket run before

The food and drink at festivals is notoriously overpriced so make sure you stock up before you go. Your average takeaway meal at a festival will cost anywhere between six or ten pounds meaning you could be spending over ÂŁ50 a day just on food. Take a good supply of filling snacks and breakfasts, then you can just buy one or two meals a day.

6. Take enough cash and wear a bum bag

The ATM machines at festivals will charge you a minimum of two pounds per withdrawal so make sure you get you cash beforehand. Wear a bum bag to keep it safe from pickpockets.

7. Volunteer

If you’d like to earn your ticket, many festivals offer volunteering schemes where you can work at the festival in return for seeing your favourite music. It’s a great experience and you’ll get to meet loads of new people without spending a penny.

8. Print off the map and set list beforehand

Don’t pay ten pounds at the door for something you can get for free online. Print off the map and set list before you go or check out the app for all key information.

9. Buy merchandise on the last day

Don’t get sucked in by the hype after you see an amazing band and buy all their merchandise from T-shirts to tea towels. If you absolutely have to have a memento, wait until the last day where retailers will be desperate to get rid of stock and slashing prices.

10. Check out camping discount sales or borrow

You don’t need luxury camping gear, it’s all the same when it’s in a muddy, flooded field. Borrow gear from friends or family or check out discount sales. Lots of outdoor retailers have voucher codes around festival times so use sites like PromotionalCodes.org.uk to keep an eye for the best ones.

11. Book your journey in advance

If you can’t car pool and need to use public transport, book well in advance. Check out student discount or young people saver cards if they apply too.

12. Go abroad

If you fancy a change of scenery why not try out a European festival? They are much cheaper than the UK ones and you’ll get a holiday as well as a festival.

13. Budget for your time

It’s easy enough to flash the cash at festivals, especially after you’ve had a few. Make a strict budget per day and stick to it. Leave your bankcard at home or, if you want it for emergencies, give it to a responsible friend so you can’t be tempted.

14. Don’t take anything that can’t be easily replaced

If you want to take your favourite white expensive top because it looks great in photos, don’t. It will get ruined and you’ll be devastated. Stick to simple, comfy clothes that are low cost.

15. Have a festival party and watch it from home

If you can’t afford the ticket or missed out, then watch the festival from the comfort of your own sofa. You’ll get a great view of all your favourite bands without having to fight your way through a mosh pit.


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