02/07/2015 12:46 BST | Updated 02/07/2015 12:59 BST

Tindog Is A New Tinder-Style App For Dogs And Their Owners

If the couple in 101 Dalmatians were to meet in 2015, we can guarantee it wouldn't be through dog walking.

Oh no, they'd be on Tindog, the new Tinder-esque dating app for dogs and their owners.

For those who haven't yet come across it, Tindog is an app that lets dog owners find fellow owners near to them.

So they can walk their dogs together and - maybe, just maybe - find love. Or at the very least friendship.

Whether you're looking for a little furry friend for your canine companion, or you just want to meet a like-minded dog owner who could be that special someone, Tindog (apparently) has the answer.

And based on recent research into dog owners and dating, business should be booming.

A new study suggests that almost half of Brits (46%) think loving animals makes a person more attractive, with women more likely to be attracted to animal lovers (49%) than men (40%).

Around a third (32%) of Brits surveyed said they thought someone with a dog was more likely to be loyal, compassionate and kind.

In that case, where do we sign up?


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