02/07/2015 06:25 BST | Updated 02/07/2015 12:59 BST

UK Heatwave 2015 Followed By Storms And Rain, But Weekend Forecast Shows Temperatures Rising Again

Yesterday may have been the hottest day on record since 2006 and the hottest July day ever recorded, but last night saw huge thunderstorms hit parts of the country.

Northern England and Scotland were treated to spectacular lightning shows, as well as rain, throughout the night.

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Things got particularly strange when some areas experienced hail - with some stones even as big as golf balls.

Jonny Bradbrook, of Ravensworth Nurseries, Richmond, North Yorkshire, said his business was a scene of devastation after huge hailstones smashed thousands of planes of glass in his greenhouses.

Mr Bradbrook said the storm arrived at around 9pm yesterday and only lasted for 20 minutes, but left thousands of pounds of damage.

He said: "I've never known anything like it. They were as big as golf balls. I think there might be 5,000 panes gone but I'll know for sure later."

Mr Bradbrook said many of the panes were left with "bullet holes" and the broken glass has also wrecked some of his stock.

He said: "We've had floods before but nothing like this. There was no rain, just hail and thunder."

And the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation even issued a tornado warning for parts of the Midlands.

Its statement said: "Shear is sufficient for organised severe thunderstorms including supercells, capable of large hail, damaging winds, and perhaps isolated tornadoes."

According to BBC weatherman Simon King, around 36,000 lightning strikes were recorded between 8am on Wednesday and 8am today.

Some 40,000 homes in the north-east were left without electricity thanks to the storms.

Although significantly cooler than yesterday’s record high of 36.7C, temperatures today are still predicted to reach as high as a summery 26C.

However there is a a possibility of showers, according to the Met Office - with some concerned that play at Wimbledon could be affected.


Serena Williams on court at Wimbledon yesterday

MeteoGroup’s Nick Prebble said: “Temperatures will be suppressed today, about 10C lower than yesterday with highs of 25C or 26C. It will be noticeably cooler but still warm.

“Friday will likely stay nice and dry across most places and temperatures will be a little warmer, around 27C or 28C, although there will be some unsettled weather Friday night with more thunderstorms, possibly in the south west of England.”


But for those of you who sat in the office yesterday dreaming of firing up the BBQ at the weekend, there’s some good news - it’s going to be another scorcher.

Prebble added: “Looking into the weekend, it could top 30C again on Saturday in the South East and London and temperatures will be above average elsewhere too going into Sunday.”


Wednesday saw the highest temperature record in Britain since 2006

While some managed to enjoy yesterday’s heatwave, many commuters found themselves struggling to travel.

Services on many providers were restricted or cancelled, while in some cases shuttle bus services had to be brought in.

Those travelling on the Tube were also subject to sweltering conditions, with temperatures exceeding the legal maximum for transporting cattle.