07/07/2015 12:23 BST | Updated 07/07/2015 12:59 BST

'Terminator: Genisys' IMDb Quote Page Is Being Trolled With Fake Lines From The Movie

The IMDb Quotes page for the latest installment of the never-ending 'Terminator' franchise has been infiltrated by a joke quote, but it seems almost indistinguishable from the other lines that were actually in the movie.

The fake quote surrounds a non-existent sub-plot in which sausages become the most important thing in the dystopian future.

terminator quote

But the movie is so incredibly cheesy that some of the real lines seem like they could be fake too. Such as:

Guardian: I'll be back.

Sarah Connor: What?

[jumps at a helicopter]

Sarah Connor: [Urgently] Come on!

[the Terminator gets on the bus and notices Sarah is not wearing her seat belt]

Guardian: Sarah Connor, seat belt.

Sarah Connor: Come with me if you want to live! NOW, SOLDIER!

Guardian: [after crashing into a Police car] Nice to see you. Get out!

Yes, the film was so lazily written they're recycling old catchphrases.