Ultimate 'Selfie' Taken By Photographer On Rim Of A Hawaiian Volcano With Milky Way Background

Stop Taking 'Selfies'. This Guy Has Ended The Game...

Stop taking selfies. There’s no point. The game has been ended by an Ohio man who recently snapped himself on the rim of a volcano, silhouetted against the sky, with a second active volcano in the background, alongside the Milky Way, the moon and several planets. All the while, you're posting pictures of yourself in the bathroom mirror pulling your shirt up and pouting...

Professional photographer Shane Black took the snap at the summit of Mauna Kea on Hawaii, more than 13,500 feet above sea level. The volcano in the background is Kilauea. To create the picture, the snapper patched together 23 individual frames, each given a 15-second exposure. Here's what you can see in the picture:

“Adding a human figure into a photo really helps to show the scale of the scene and it also gives the viewer a sense of being there for themselves, as that person,” said Black, adding: “I love stargazing and being humbled by the universe around us.”

“It reminds me how small I am and this photo depicts that very well,” he reflected. “While the naked eye can only see so much, I was blown away by all the detail that the camera was able to pick up. Thanks to camera technology these days, long exposure photographs are able to capture so much - it's always so great to see what the camera captures after a long exposure.”

The Hawaii image isn’t the first in the photographer’s collection. Here are a few more long exposure shots from Black's impressive back catalogue.

Volcano Selfie


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