Volcanic ash, smoke and lava have transformed the Canary Island in just 10 days.
Suez Canal shutdown, volcano eruptions and a flood in Australia round out this week's best images.
The death toll has risen to 19, with more than two dozen others suffering severe burns.
Six more bodies have been recovered, while two remain missing.
Tragedy on volcanic island killed at least five people.
New Zealand police confirm five people have been killed in a volcanic eruption on White Island. Locals and foreign tourists are believed to be involved in the incident.
Police said 23 people had been rescued from White Island, but were unsure how many remain unaccounted for.
The town of Nejapa, El Salvador celebrated its annual fireball festival with participants pelting each other with rags drenched in gasoline that have been rolled into tight flaming balls. The tradition is to commemorate the 1658 volcanic eruption that forced the town to be abandoned.
Mount Etna in Sicily has roared back into spectacular volcanic action, sending up plumes of ash and spewing lava. Two new fractures opened at the base of the southeastern crater and they were emitting lava flows from an altitude of approximately 3,330 metres. The volcano is also a popular destination for hikers on the Mediterranean island.