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Victoria's Secret Beauty Secrets: Alessandra Ambrosio Sets Her Hair On Fire To Fix Split Ends

Victoria's Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio tousled beachy waves often draw a lot of compliments.

But the admiring looks were replaced with concerned comments recently when she she shared an Instagram snap of a hairdresser singeing her locks with a candle.

Turns out, she was having a Brazilian treatment called Valeterapia, where split ends are burnt off using an open flame.

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The stylist starts by twisting dry hair so the split ends poke out. They then move the flame along the twist to burn off flyaways.

If you can get past the smell of burning hair, the treatment supposedly cauterizes split ends, opening up the follicles to make hair more receptive to conditioning. All without taking anything off the length.

A recent survey by the British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetology revealed that half of Britons would be more likely to try a beauty treatment if one of their favourite celebrities had also had it, and we must admit we were pretty curious after seeing Ambrosio's snap.

Ale's hair was treated by professional hairstylist Cris Dios at Laces salon in São Paulo, Brazil - and trying this technique at home is certainly not safe.


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Hair stylist Bryn from London salon Easton Regal told HuffPost UK Style they wouldn't recommend the treatment:

“We believe it is a gimmick and that the best way to look after your hair is by using professional shampoos and conditioners and heat protecting sprays alongside regular haircuts.

"But if you really want to try this process, I would highly recommend going to a professional who is familiar with the technique.

"It requires control and a trained eye to know where to start and stop.

"The procedure apparently seals the hair and helps it to maintain moisture, however we believe the hair must be weakened from this procedure as it would using any heated appliance.

"We would still recommend regular trims for clients wanting to keep their hair in tip-top condition rather than this technique. Like any treatment it’s not for everyone, but if split ends aren’t removed the hair will split higher causing more damage.”

Anabel Kingsley, hair care expert and daughter of Philip Kingsley added: "There would be absolutely no advantage to doing this. Subjecting hair to the an open flame is simply going to burn it, dry it out and result in more breakage. There's also the risk of your hair catching on fire."

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