08/07/2015 12:58 BST | Updated 08/07/2015 12:59 BST

Woman Adopts Dog With Terminal Cancer, Gives Him Amazing Bucket List Journey

A dying dog is spending his last months having the best time thanks to a woman who chose to adopt him.

Nicole Elliot, from Georgia, rescued Chester from Animal Ark Rescue after hearing that he had terminal cancer.

"He wasn't in the best shape. They bathed him and shaved away all of the matted, dirty hair. They found a very large tumor on his side, and had it removed. Since then they have shown up all over his body," Elliott told her local news station.

She's now created a bucket list for Chester and is determined to make his final few weeks happy ones.

The before and after of Chester after being saved from deathrow at the pound in Columbus. I want to thank Animal Ark...

Posted by Chester's final journey on Sunday, 28 June 2015

Elliot has been documenting her days out with Chester on social media and has even created a Facebook page titled Chester's Final Journey, which has gained more than 48K likes.

Her Instagram account of the same name has gained more than 8,000 followers in just four days.

So far, Chester has been on road trips with Elliot's daughter, Paisley...

He's tried some new food...

He's been on TV...

He's learned to doggy paddle...

He's had a 4th of July party...

And he's starred in a fancy photoshoot...

Writing on Facebook, Elliott said: "It will be so tough to lose him shortly, so I decided to take the time he has left (which is undetermined, but not guessed to be very long) and make it as happy as I can. I am open to suggestions and ideas."

He sure looks happy to us.


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