This Laser-Etched Tortilla Record Is Both Actually Playable And Delicious

The vinyl record might be iconic, but it suffers from one fatal flaw which is that when you've finished playing it, you can't eat it.

Well YouTube user 'Rapture Records' has addressed this minor inconvenience by creating a laser-etched tortilla that will actually work.

Using a precise laser-cutter, they were able to imprint a full song onto the tortilla which would then actually play.

In case you're wondering how to do it yourself then 'Rapture Records' provides full instruction here highlighting that it's better to use an uncooked tortilla over a cooked one as they're tougher.

OK so we wouldn't say the quality is exactly astonishing, but it's certainly a good 100 per cent better than we expected when we first saw the title: 'An Actual Playable Tortilla Record'