UK Summer Budget 2015: IDS Close To Release After Osborne Announces National 'Living Wage'

Iain Duncan Smith punched the air and shouted, "get in” as George Osborneannounced a national “living wage” during the budget on Wednesday.

The former Tory leader, currently Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, appeared close to release as the chancellor detailed the policy in the Commons. The "living wage" starts at £7.20 next April and will rise to £9 an hour by 2020.

Usually impassive, the picture of the frenzied minister is likely to dominate Thursday’s front pages, while Twitter has already put the 61-year-old's ecstasy to work as a meme.

Here is IDS reacting to the "living wage"...

'Get in'

And here's IDS reacting similarly to the rest of Osborne's budget:

Scrapping student grants...

'Get in'

Cutting housing benefits...

'Get in'

Freezing working age benefits...

'Get in'

And here's one from our friends at The Poke:

UK Summer Budget 2015

Summer Budget 2015

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