What Should You Do When Strangers Take Photos Of Your Child? Reddit Has The Answer

Reddit Answers: What To Do When Strangers Take Photos Of Your Child

A father-of-one didn't know how to react when he noticed a stranger taking photos of his baby, so he turned to Reddit for advice.

Reddit user offstage4, posed the question: "What to do when strangers take pictures of you child?"

He details a "creepy encounter" he and his wife experienced when in a coffee shop with their baby.

"I noticed the woman sitting closest to us is pointing her cell phone camera directly at me holding my child," he writes.

"I'm pretty sure she is taking a [photo] of us and I turn slightly away.

"A couple of mins pass and I notice it happening again. I don't want to get confrontational but in hindsight I think I should have."

The woman then went on to strike up a conversation with the couple, asking offstage4 whether he feels jealous that he can't breastfeed, before taking more close-up pictures of their baby.

"I was kind of thrown off by this because I'm an amateur photographer and I would never take a picture of a child with out asking the parent first," writes offstage4.

The lady then asked if she could film the family, to which they replied no, but that didn't stop her.

Offstage4 shared his story with a request for advice and within just 24 hours his post had received 187 comments, ranging from those who thought the parents should be polite to those who espoused getting even...

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