Bizarre 'Airship' UFO Pictures Caught By US Navy Submarine In The 1970s

OK this HAS to be a fake. A UFO-hunting website claims to have found classified pictures of a bizarre 'airship' UFO hovering over the water's surface.

The photos were taken from US Navy submarine USS Trepang in 1971 and while they're pretty awful in terms of quality what they do show is a clearly outlined object that looks remarkably like an old 'airship' from the 1930's.

Conspiracy site Black Vault said it got hold of the pictures from a French paranormal website which had been contacted by an anonymous source (because that's not convoluted at all). The photos clearly show both the UFO from different angles and then finally a couple of pictures of it crashing into the sea.

Research carried out by the site reveals that the incident reportedly took place in 1971 around Iceland and has even tracked down a US Navy Admiral that was apparently on the USS Trepang when it encountered the craft.

According to Black Vault the Admiral claimed that he had only seen an 'iceberg' however was happy to take a look at the pictures.

We're taking this one with a massive pinch of salt, the pictures are such bad quality and while the story itself is more interesting than most it's hard to credit that these could possibly be real.

Hey, it certainly beats the usual drone covered in tin foil and a few LEDs.