Budget 2015: George Osborne's Budget Is Met With Relief By Worrying Single Mother

Nicola Marshall and her daughter, Lily
Nicola Marshall and her daughter, Lily
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A single mother who was having sleepless nights over fears George Osborne would slash her child tax credits admits she felt “relief” after yesterday’s budget.

Nicola Marshall, 37, from Kent, told The Huffington Post UK earlier this week she was “exhausted” by fear she would slip below the poverty line because of proposed welfare cuts.

Yesterday, the Chancellor announced working age benefits, including tax credits, would be frozen for four years.

He also announced the benefits cap would be lowered to £20,000 a year, or £23,000 for those living in London.

Ms Marshall, who has an 11-year-old daughter called Lily, said she was relieved her finances would not suffer.

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK she said: “It’s a slight relief as far as myself

“A freeze is a cut in real terms, especially as children get more expensive as they get older.

“There will be more of the same worrying about money for many more years, but al least they are not cutting my tax credits.

“I don’t get enough in benefits to be affected by the benefits cap.”

Ms Marshall works part time as an insurance administrator and is paid £11,000 a year.

She is unable to take on more hours as the cost of childcare would outweigh any additional wages.

Since speaking to The Huffington Post earlier this week, Ms Marshall's story has been picked up by other news outlets, including the BBC.

But while Ms Marshall does not lose out because of yesterday’s budget, many other families will.

Ms Marshall said: “It’s not all about people lying around doing nothing, it’s about people working and doing something to better themselves. It’s about the children and what impact it’s going to have on them.

“It’s difficult. I am not saying I agree with people who do nothing and don’t work, but I just don’t think life is black and white as that.

“I think I will continue to worry all the time the Conservatives are in government. They still want to find so many more billions of cuts.”

Mr Osborne also announced child benefit payment – worth £1,076.40 a year for a family’s first child and £712.40 a year for each additional child – will be restricted to the first two children.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady today welcomed the increase of a minimum wage for 25s and over, but hit out at the welfare cuts.

She said: “Cutting vital support for the working poor, young and disabled while handing out huge tax giveaways for the wealthiest is not the mark of a ‘one nation’ party.”