Child Tax Credit

Victims get 'the opportunity to talk' because of the two-child benefit cap, says minister.
We must not let the UK Government forget that they are responsible for a policy which will push hundreds of thousands of children into poverty
Claimants say they are being left up to six weeks without payment.
This month will see the widespread rollout of the controversial universal credit benefits scheme.  While the government claims
I don't talk often about my experiences of balancing a career in the music industry with being a parent - it is something I, alongside thousands of others, just get on and do. But my start to parenthood was perhaps tougher than many - my partner left me whilst I was pregnant and my twins were born two months premature.
The policy raises a number of obvious concerns, which Thewliss immediately drew attention to following the budget announcement. Firstly, a policy concerned with limiting the number of children people have through financial disincentives is tantamount to social engineering.
Tony Blair and Noel Gallagher in Downing Street in 1997 You can either be cool, or make decisions, not both. The reasons
Eight months after the Conservative's conference, came the Budget. A budget that promised to help working people. Yet, for me and millions of other low income working parents, instead of helping us, we are going to be struggling financially.
The Chancellor delivers his Summer Budget "Can I ask the Prime Minister to look again and think again about what effect his
Abby Tomlinson, founder of the 'Milifandom' internet phenomenon, has given David Cameron an awkward reminder of one of his