Commuter Beats Rush Hour By Weaving Through Traffic On A Horse

This week commuters in London were left tearing their hair out in misery as a Tube strike swept across the capital.

So they would have done well to take a leaf out of this chap's book...

One Chinese commuter is turning heads by riding a horse to work and skillfully weaving between the highly congested areas of traffic.

Perhaps London commuters should have beat the strike by riding horseback

According to one source, the man rather fittingly works as a jockey at an equestrian club.

And his tactic would appear to make sense in Wuhan, where rush hour traffic can be stuck at a halt for hours.

20% of Wuhan's economy is represented by the vehicle industry, reports the Guardian and the city has a population of over 10 million.

The highly dense area sees its fair share of traffic and manic incidents, this video captures some of the thousands of motorcyclists that ride in the city, mostly without helmets.