Twitter Pulls 'Irresponsible' Vine Ad Over Epilepsy Fears

Twitter UK has pulled a Vine ad after complaints that it would be dangerous to those suffering from photosensitive epilepsy.

The advert was for Twitter's new #DiscoverMusic campaign which and featured a number of bright, flashing colours over a six second period.

This combined with the infinitely looping nature of Twitter's Vine videos raised some concerns from Epilepsy Action, the UK's leading Epilepsy charity.

With around 600,000 people diagnosed with epilepsy in the UK and around 65 million people suffering from the condition in the world the chances of Twitter's campaign being seen by someone with the condition was extremely high.

Epilepsy Action's deputy chief executive, Simon Wigglesworth told the BBC, "Eighty seven people are diagnosed with epilepsy every day and that first seizure can often come out of nowhere, for a huge corporation like Twitter to take that risk was irresponsible."

Epilepsy Action thanked Twitter for swiftly responding to the issue and said that it was 'happy to work with them to make future ads safe for people w/ photosensitive epilepsy.'

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