Asking Siri To Charge Your iPhone Automatically Calls Emergency Services

When you ask Siri to charge your phone to 100%, the weirdest thing happens:

That's right, your iPhone automatically calls 999 and gives you a five second countdown to cancel the action.

The Verge reports that the bug applies to the US and the UK and conspiracy theorists are hinting that it may be a clever ploy from Apple to help people in dangerous scenarios secretly alert the police.

However, Apple have not commented on the feature and the logic of asking your phone to charge 100%, while being held hostage is a little bizarre to say the least.

We contacted the Metropolitan Police and the National Police Chiefs' Council who were unaware about the bug at the time.

Both organisations said that there was no way to know if the bug is causing a spike in unwanted calls to the emergency services.

Obviously, this is not one to try at home.

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