TLC's 'My Giant Life' Explores Issues Facing Extremely Tall Women, Who Measure 6ft 6in And Over

Next time you complain about being too short to reach the lightbulb or being too tall for 'regular' jeans, spare a thought for Nancy, who, at 6ft 9in, is so tall she struggles to fit into a car.

The 17-year-old is one of four women who have opened up about the daily struggles of being tall in TLC's new reality series, My Giant Life.

The stars of the show - all women who are over 6ft 6in tall - reveal how difficult it can be to cope with the simplest of daily tasks including loading the dishwasher or going to the supermarket.

In a trailer for the show, Nancy reveals the trials and tribulations of going through high school when you're 6ft 9in.

Nancy, 17, is 6ft 9in tall and is struggling to find a dress for her prom

The teen is trying to learn to drive, but finding a car that she can fit her long legs into is proving difficult.

Meanwhile as her school prom approaches, finding a date is the least of her worries - she still has to find a dress that fits.

Someone who knows exactly how Nancy feels is Lindsay, a 6ft 9in actress and former wrestler, who also holds the Guinness World Record for being the 'Tallest Actress in a Leading Role'.

"When I go out in public, people think I'm the most exciting thing there because I'm so tall and so different to see," says Lindsay.

But it's not all glamour for the actress, who says that her jet-setting lifestyle can be incredibly grating because of her height.

"The airplane is very frustrating," she explains in a teaser clip which sees her trying to fit into the toilet cubicle on a plane.

Lindsay is also 6ft 9in tall and says people constantly stare at her when she's out in public

Colleen from San Diego says that she sometimes feels like a "baby giraffe" because of her height.

The 36-year-old, former pro-volleyball player stands at 6ft 6in and has had to invest in custom made furniture for her home, including a chopping board which stands more than 13in taller than the counter.

Colleen is also searching for Mr Right and says that she's ready to use her height as an "asset" rather than a "liability".

Colleen is 6ft 6in and on the hunt for a partner

Last but not least, Haleigh, a 23-year-old from Huntington Beach, California, stands at 6ft 7in.

She has used her incredible height to her advantage and is now embarking upon a professional volleyball career which could see her travelling the world.

In addition to her fantastic career prospects, Haleigh has a master's degree and is engaged to the love of her life, Bryan - who happens to be considerably shorter than she is.

Haleigh, 23, is 6ft 7in and wants to get married

But she says that she's concerned her father doesn't approve of the match because of her partner's smaller stature and because he thinks their relationship will hold his daughter back.

"Dating a woman at 6ft 7in while you're 5ft 8in comes with its various personal challenges," says her fiancé, Bryan as he stands on a step to kiss his future bride.

But regardless of the struggles they face, he's willing to stick around anyway.

The show makes up a five-part series which aired in the US for the first time on 14 July.

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