Amy Schumer And Jimmy Fallon Conduct (Hilarious) 'Emotional' Interview On ‘The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

Just When We Thought Amy Schumer Couldn't Get Any Funnier...

Amy Schumer is currently busy promoting her film ‘Trainwreck’, meaning she’s just about everywhere at the moment.

But while many celebs would, quite frankly, be grating on us by now, Amy’s antics mean we still want her be our BFF.

In her latest TV appearance, on Jimmy Fallon’s US show, the comedian was on fine form yet again, taking part in an ‘emotional interview’ with the host.

The skit saw Jimmy and Amy responding to each other while adapting to random, surprise emotions. You know, common feelings such as confusion between ‘pilots’ and ‘pirates’, and being uhh, horny and scared simultaneously.

In short - Amy, can we be best friends now? Pleeeease?

Watch the 'emotional interview' above…


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