Six Times David Cameron's Government Has Been Caught 'Acting Unlawfully'

6 Times Cameron's Government Has 'Acted Unlawfully'

The government has been having a difficult final week before it pauses for the summer recess.

First it delayed a vote on changes to the laws on fox hunting in England and Wales, fearing defeat, then ir abandoned a vote on 'English Votes for English Laws' to September over concerns it might not have been able to win and on Friday the party was found to have acted unlawfully by rushing through its spying bill, DRIPA.

But this latest instance certainly isn't the only case of ministers caught pushing through laws the courts later decry to be "unlawful".

We've compiled a list of similar incidents; six times the government's been caught acting unlawfully.

Derided for dodgy detentions

6 Times The Government Was Caught 'Acting Unlawfully'

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