Add Insects To Your Diet To Get Your Protein, Scientists Say

Diets at the best of times are always a bit of a struggle and the fact that we can now incorporate insects as a good source of protein, won't really diminish that pain.

A group of scientists who met this week at the IFT15: Where Science Feeds Innovation, a conference on the science of food, decided that creepy critters could solve the world's growing demand for protein.

The backdrop to this seemingly bizarre solution includes the fact that we are running out of land to produce livestock.

Aaron Dossey, founder of All Things Bugs LLC, a company that specialises in producing cricket (yes, the insect) powder explained:

“We have 7 billion people now and that’s projected to be 9 billion in 2050. We’re already using a third of the land on Earth for raising livestock, and the demand for protein is growing even faster than the population, especially animal protein.”

As we mentioned, this doesn't necessarily mean that we all start making daddy-long-legs curry. What Dossey is referring to is the potential cricket powder has to help alleviate childhood malnutrition.

The new food magazine reports that his company has already received a number of research grants and will produce 25,000 pounds of cricket powder this year.

Some have already taken a liking to this offering of cricket. One testimonial states:

To date, I have successfully used this product in the following recipes: pancakes, brownies, falafel, tofu scramble and pasta sauce. The powder adds a negligible "popcorn" favor to the recipe, however it packs a punch in terms of nutrition! I am hooked, and highly recommend this product to anyone who will listen!

Well, if this takes off, entertaining people and maintaining that diet could get a lot more disgusting but easier.