Mexican Singer Whose 'Sanitary Towel Fell Out Mid-Performance' Claims It Was Actually Kleenex Tissue

Mexican singer Patricia Navidad became a viral sensation when it appeared a sanitary towel fell from under her dress while she was on stage performing.

But less than a day after a video of the incident took over our newsfeeds, Navidad has spoken out, claiming all is not as it first seemed.

The singer was praised for keeping a cool head and continuing to perform while the pad lay next to her feet - but it turns out it may not have been a sanitary product at all.

The 42-year-old has taken to Twitter to say it was not a sanitary pad, but a tissue from her armpit (that she used to stop sweating) that fell.

The tweets come after Navidad was praised for her initial reaction to criticism, where she pointed out that wearing a sanitary pad when you are on your period is not a big deal.

She suggested that if a sanitary product does ever accidentally fall on the floor, a woman shouldn't be made to feel ashamed about it.

Translated, Navidad had this to say to those who were mocking her: "They say a man who treats women as princesses has been raised by a queen, those who attack and offend, who educated you? It is neither shameful nor anything to be ashamed of.

"Too bad all the men that were making fun [of the incident] weren’t there [at the venue], because I would’ve loved to have smeared it on their face."

She ended with a good-humoured pun on a sanitary towel.

"I'm not a boxer, I'm a warrior, and I never throw in the towel, unless I don't need it anymore."

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