Jeremy Hunt Petition Calling For Health Secretary's Resignation Prompts Thousands Of Signatures

60,000 People Think This Is The Right Way To Treat Jeremy Hunt

More than 60,000 people have signed a petition calling for Jeremy Hunt to resign or be removed as health secretary over his seven-day NHS comments, less than 24 hours after it was set up.

On Sunday, Dr Dan Furmedge, launched a petition on saying the document should act as "a vote of no confidence in his leadership from the NHS and from the public".

On the website Mr Furmedge said that Mr Hunt's "out of touch policies" and "flippant remarks" about the NHS had "angered" NHS workers for a long while, but his recent speech on seven day working was the "last straw".

A petition calling for the removal or resignation of Jeremy Hunt has been signed by over 50,000 people

He went on to say Hunt was essentially calling doctors "lazy" and had "offended the whole NHS workforce and demonstrated how little regard he has for us and how little he understands what we do.

"If Jeremy Hunt actually spoke to NHS professionals, he would rapidly understand that we are involved in quality improvement daily and that we would all agree that improvements to seven day working are essential. However, he refuses to engage us, the experts, on how, merely striding head with proposals which are unworkable and untenable."

By early Monday afternoon 61,019 had signed the petition.

Mr Hunt said last week that a “Monday to Friday culture” in areas of the NHS was having “tragic consequences”, according to the BBC.

The comment prompted medical staff to show Mr Hunt what their weekends already looked like by posting pictures of themselves at work alongside the hashtag #ImInWorkJeremy.

Others also pointed out the effects that working all hours had on their families.

Blogging on HuffPost UK, GP Dr Zoe Norris called for a strike following Hunt's demands and explained why she would not want her own family treated by a seven-day NHS following Hunt's demands.

She added: "I hope the BMA view this as a gauntlet thrown down. Let's see what they are made of, because I think the profession is ready for a fight. This new look NHS? It's not where I want my children or my parents to be treated, which is a damning indictment."

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