Women Share What It Feels Like To Have Postnatal Depression In Moving Video

Women Share What It Feels Like To Have Postnatal Depression

In this heart-wrenching short video by filmmaker Jill Krause, women talk candidly about their experiences of postnatal depression and how they overcame their problems to become 'warrior mums'.

According to the NHS, one in ten new mothers will be affected by postnatal depression after having a baby, but despite being so common, it's rarely talked about.

Krause, who suffered with postnatal depression herself, told Buzzfeed: "I knew this would be a powerful experience before I started, but I was surprised by how truly honoured I felt listening to these women."

One of the mothers in the video said: "I really wanted to act out this anger on inanimate objects and my husband and it was such a weird feeling.

"My stomach always felt like when you miss a step when you're going down the stairs, that's how I felt all the time."

The mothers featured in the video all went on to get professional help.

"At the first appointment, it was reassuring the first time that she told me it wasn't just me. A weight was really lifted from my shoulders," said one mother.

Another added: "You will get better. You feel like now that you're going to feel like this for the rest of your life, but it does get better."

How To Protect Against Postnatal Depression

Ways To Protect Against Postnatal Depression

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