mental illness

People affected by suicide are sharing how much the interview resonated with them.
A US study has suggested schizophrenia is a big risk factor for Covid-19 deaths.
"On reflection, we realise that the subject of mental health needs a more thoughtful approach," Vogue Portugal said in a statement.
The cover is one of four shared as part of the magazine’s “Madness Issue”.
Mental health is something that we’re talking about more and more. But in these conversations, we can often hear terms used interchangeably, such as mental health and mental illness. It can be hard to get the language right. So what does the term mental health actually mean? How does it differ from a mental health issue? And when does it become a mental illness?
"If we can understand the difference between mental health, mental illness and the gap in between, we can start to remove the stigma around the language."
I went into parenting fully aware of my mental health issues, but hope to protect and empower my children.
Exhibition explores condition that affects 2 per cent of population.
Sex workers face high levels of mental illness, a new study has found.