Read more on The Huffington Post Dozens of people have also commented to thank Dan for his kind words, with many saying the
Staff was under pressure from above to accept more patients than they could.
Yet humans have used natural sources to prevent and cure mental disorders for centuries - and it's not tales from folklore that back it up - its solid gold science! Take a look at how including these vitamins can have a positive impact on your mental health.
Providing better information and reframing the narrow and simplistic picture that minority-producing statistics create will empower everyone to reflect on the wide-ranging impact of mental ill health and poor wellbeing in their own lives and others'. Subtly but surely, it will increase mental health campaigners' momentum, and most importantly, bring mental health that little bit closer to parity of esteem.
'We don’t think it is helpful to be too prescriptive.'
A range of cushions replicating medication used to treat depression and anxiety have divided mental health campaigners. The