21/07/2015 05:40 BST | Updated 21/07/2015 05:59 BST

Dad Turns His Kids Into Superheroes With #BreakfastMugShots (And Other Dads Follow Suit)

One dad has made breakfast time pretty great for his kids by turning them into superheroes... just with his mug of tea.

Lance Curran snaps these 'mug-shots' to share on Instagram, by holding up different character mugs in front of his kids' faces and taking a photo of his child in the perfect pose.

And by the looks of it, other dads are following suit.

Sunday #breakfastmugshot

A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on

Sunday #breakfastmugshot

A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on

Recruiting both his daughter and son in the mug shots, Curran has made a habit of posting one every Sunday on his Instagram page with the hashtag #BreakfastMugShot.

Curran, who describes himself as a warehouse director and comic book czar for @Threadless on his Instagram page has built up a pretty large following, with currently nearly 9,000 following his account.


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And now dads all around the world are using the hashtag to turn their own kids into fun-loving characters and superheroes.

A photo posted by shiho (@shiho_rav) on

A photo posted by B Sto (@brianstovall) on

A photo posted by B Sto (@brianstovall) on

Who knew you could have so much fun with your kids and your mug of tea?

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