George Osborne Told To 'Sit Down, Man' By Angry John Bercow In Commons Clash

George Osborne was given an extraordinary telling off by Commons Speaker John Bercow today during a fiery parliamentary clash.

Mr Bercow leapt to his feet while Mr Osborne was speaking during Treasury Questions and bellowed: “Chancellor sit down man! I told you to sit down, sit down!”

A bemused Mr Osborne, who had been responding to a question from Labour MP Barry Sheerman, sheepishly sat back down on the Government bench.

Within ten minutes, Mr Bercow was again on his feet barracking the Chancellor, this time telling him off for not being briefer in replies to questions.

He said: “Some of these answers require a bit of practice because they suffer from the disadvantage of being not just a bit long, but far too long, hopelessly long.”

There is no love loss between the Tories and Mr Bercow, who tried to effectively oust him as Speaker during the last day of Parliament before the election.

Mr Bercow has often clashed with Prime Minister David Cameron, including cutting him off during Prime Minister's Questions and telling his Parliamentary Private Secretary to simply "nod his head" and "fetch and carry notes".