22/07/2015 06:28 BST | Updated 22/07/2015 06:59 BST

Ducati Motorcyclist's Headcam Video Shows Lorry Crash In Terrifying Slow Motion

A motorcyclist has captured insane footage of a head-on collision with a truck in which he managed to jump clear just as his bike is crushed beneath the wheels.

Approaching a turn, the lorry driver is seemingly oblivious to his presence as he waits at the junction.

The motorcyclist falls clear shouting "fucking mate" as the front end of his rather flash Ducati Monster is chewed up.

Regaining his composure he shouts at the lorry driver to stop before he does any more damage to his £9000 bike.

The crash appears to have happened in Talfourd Way, Peckham in South London.

The highlight of the clip is without doubt the lady with the pram who gives him a hug at the end and asks him if he's ok.

His response?

"That could have gone wrong."

Understatement of the week....