traffic accident

A 34-year-old man is to appear in court.
A motorcyclist has captured insane footage of a head-on collision with a truck in which he managed to jump clear just as
A man has died following a pile-up involving four lorries on the M25 motorway. The man, believed to have been a 39-year-old
A man has died and a woman has been seriously injured after they were hit by a "runaway" car which rolled down a hill. Police
"It came out of nowhere" is something that people frequently say when they're involved in a road accident. In this case - which
The bride-to-be injured when the minibus carrying her hen party collided with a lorry on Friday my never walk again, reports
A lollipop man has died after he was hit by a car after he escorted a parent across the road to pick their child up from
Two people have died after a crash between a motorcycle and a car, police said. The collision happened just after 11pm last
Two people have been killed in a motorway collision on the M1, police have said. The accident occurred shortly after 5am
A man has died following a four-car crash, police said. The victim, aged in his 70s but not yet identified, was travelling