Will Young Takes Aim At Kanye West: 'He's Awful - What Does He Stand For?'


It’s proving to be quite the week for feuds in the music world and hot on the heels of Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift, we now have, umm, Will Young vs. Kanye West.

Well, Will’s hit out at least. We’re sure Kanye’s busy crafting his response right now.

Will Young and Kanye West

The 'Pop Idol' winner shared his thoughts on Kanye’s contribution to the music world during a chat with BBC, during which he revealed that his least favourite album is “anything by Kanye West”.

He went on to explain his issue with the ‘Yeezus’ rapper, stating: “I was at Glastonbury and I refused to see him. He's awful. What does he stand for?

“His arrogance completely over-runs him as a musician. He's so audacious and opulent.”

Will continues: “It shows the worst of people who have loads of money. Massive weddings, opulent engagements. Who is this man? And why do we laud these people?

“I'm not interested in arrogance. It's just a cover. Get rid of the arrogance and show me the frailty. I won't listen to his music.”

Well, that’s that then isn’t it? If Kanye’s next album tops the charts, he’ll be doing it without Will’s help.

The ‘Only One’ rapper’s Glasto set proved to be controversial, and a number of musicians have taken aim at Kanye since his Worthy Farm gig.

During their Sunday evening set, The Who couldn’t resist a quick dig at Kanye, and Slipknot’s Corey Taylor later recorded a video takedown of his “I’m the greatest rockstar in the world” comment.

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