Kay Burley Struggles To Keep Order As Owen Jones And Owen Bennett Serve Up Sky News Zinger-Fest

The battle of Owen-Me-Owen-You (Aha) didn't disappoint on Wednesday afternoon as Sky News viewers were treated to what Guido Fawkes quickly called the 'media bitch-fight of the week'.

The seemingly unlikely match up of two media men called Owen, The Guardian's fresh-faced leftist commentator Owen Jones and the Huffington Post UK's own Farage-following Owen Bennett, served up a semi-spiteful, extremely entertaining zinger-fest, as the adversaries traded blows over Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership.

...the zing-o-metre called it a score draw, with Sky's Kay Burley also getting points for some brilliant lines of her own.

We've rounded up the best one-liners of the debate:

  • Burley warns Jones not to try any jokes, telling him: "I do the gags, just to be clear young man."
  • Jones calls Bennett “Owen Mark Two”. Bennett responds “You are older than me, so yes.” Jones shoots back: “Some age better than others”
  • Burley shuts Jones down, saying “We’re here to talk about the candidates and what they are bringing to the party or otherwise.”
  • Jones tells Bennett: “You sound like a Daily Mail headline generator”.
  • Bennett remarks: “The thing for Owen Jones is I think it’s wonderful because his career is going so well that he’s now in the 1% of earners in this country.”
  • As Jones says he has defended tax credits, Bennett demands: “Why don’t you stand then Owen?”
  • Burley tells the gents that MailOnline political editor Matt Chorley has started the hashtag #OwenMeOwenYouAha, adding that it’s funnier than both of them.

But the two Owens weren't done there and took the row outside the studio for some afters: