Oh My Vlog! Magazine Did Not Get A Welcome Reception From People On Twitter

New 'Oh My Vlog!' Magazine Gets A Mauling On Twitter

News that YouTube stars such as Zoella and Alfie Deyes are getting their own magazine has been met with a less than enthusiastic response by the people of Twitter.

It has been announced that a teen mag about the world of vlogging is set to launch, with the aim of keeping readers up to date with all the news on their favourite vloggers, and offering them their own advice on starting their own channel.

Publishers Egmont, who also produce We Love Pop magazine, decided to start the title in response to the huge popularity of internet stars, who have millions of loyal subscribers on their channels.

“While vlogging is consumed over the internet, if you’re passionate about something, you’ll want to bring that level of fandom into every area of your life,” a spokesperson said.

“It’s also really accessible to younger fans.”

However, the announcement was met with widespread despair:

However, some compared to it the Smash Hits and Just 17 equivalent of today:

Other were annoyed with people being annoyed at Oh My Vlog!, and things got a bit meta:


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