A Yorkshire-based vlogger got more than she bargained for when opposing the Black Lives Matter protests.
In this vlog for HuffPost’s Love Your Body series, Chidera Eggerue discusses why she started the #saggyboobsmatter hashtag
'I felt much less attractive, much less confident.'
"I really felt like I wasn't good enough."
"I wanted a piece of music that choirs could sing that would be secular and enjoyable and celebrate life." Read more: http://huffp.st/udThUjy
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"I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile."
At the moment, there are 1070 Changing Places toilets in the whole of the UK. Wembley Stadium alone has 2,500 standard toilets
everybody In a vlog for HuffPost UK's new section, Everybody, Adam Pearson discusses the advice he would give his 16-year-old self on dating and living with neurofibromatosis. Adam says the best thing he could do for his younger self would be to give himself a bit of slap and tell him to get on with it.