The Daily Express Thinks This Person Looks Like A Terrorist


The face of terrorism wears ski goggles, crocs, pyjama bottoms and a chequered shirt over its head, apparently.

That's what the Daily Express think, if this headline is anything to go by.

Yes, what would you do if a jihadi in a bright orange t-shirt joined you for your morning commute?

It's just a hunch, but over here at Huffington Towers we think anyone planning to carry out a terrorist attack probably wouldn't want to stick out like a sore thumb.

What is obviously just someone with a slightly skewed fashion sense has been blown out of proportion, with the Express saying "his appearance spooked the other passengers at a time when people are increasingly conscious of the terrorist threat posed by Islamic State".

Further down the page, a poll asked Express readers if they thought he should've been kicked off the bus for dressing the way he did - 87% said yes.

Let's just be clear here - the man did not blow anything up. He obviously wasn't a real terrorist and if he was trying to look like one, his costume was rubbish.

No resemblance whatsoever.