Survey Reveals One In Four Brits Self-Diagnose Online, With Chlamydia Most-Searched For Condition In Essex

People In Essex Are Googling Chlamydia More Than Anywhere Else
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A report released today revealed the internet is the UK's first port of call when they're feeling unwell, with one in four people going online to self-diagnose illnesses (and even STIs...)

Research published by the UK Digital Health Report, created by, claimed that 11% of people were Googling health problems because they were unable to get a doctors appointment or their GP wasn't available quickly enough.

Liverpool came out on top with the biggest number of health-related searches, closely followed by Cardiff, Surrey, London and Sheffield. People in York, Milton Keynes and Hertfordshire were those least-likely to self-diagnose illnesses online.

The report also revealed the most-searched for conditions, with back pain coming out on top, followed by diarrhoea, depression, rheumatism and multiple sclerosis.

Regional results showed that people in Liverpool were most-likely to search for back pain and depression, whereas people in Essex came out on top for searches for chlamydia and ovulation.

Dr Adam Simon, chief medical officer at, said: “The findings indicate the extent to which people are now using technology to manage their health.

“As well as health searches being on the rise, 58% of people now actively use technology to manage their health and wellbeing on a daily basis. 22% use devices to monitor exercise and activity, 15% use tech to track their daily calorie intake and 12% to monitor sleep quality.

“People feel good about how technology is helping them to keep track of their health. 70% of people say that new technology helps them feel more in control or more aware of how to manage their health and wellbeing.”