Could This 'Friends' Opening Remade With Rescue Pups BE More Perfect?!


So no one told you life was gonna be this cuuuuute.

BuzzFeed BFF recently recreated the "Friends" intro -- shot by shot -- with some furbulous actors -- PUPPIES!!! The remake, appropriately named "Puppies," is so adorable it's making us lose our minds.

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On top of subbing in a kiddie pool for the iconic fountain and a doggy bed for the sofa, "Puppies" also features some pawsome starlets including Jenni-fur Aniston and Matt Le Bark. Matthew Perry, however, is hilariously kept in his human form. The best part of the whole clip? The pooches are all rescues from the nonprofit Pet Rescue NY.

The video will leave you feeling nostalgic but also wanting to hug the closest furry friend.

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