Disaster-hit Philippine Islands To Be Illuminated Using Saltwater Lamps

Salt and water are the staple items found on most dining tables but in the Philippines, they could be giving light to more than 7,000 islands that don't have electricity.

Engineer Aisa Mijeno has created a lamp that lights up using nothing but salt, water and electrodes.

The SALt lamp (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) works based on the science behind the Galvanic cell but instead of electrolytes that a normal battery uses, the lamp relies on the sodium chloride (common salt) to transfer charge and light up the lamp.

Mijeno says ocean water will work just as well with the company's anodes -- the device through which current flows.

The SALt lamp, should provide the islands' residents with a more sustainable and cleaner light source for at least eight hours a day, with the anode only needing to be replaced every six months.

Prices are yet to be determined but Mijeno and team are hoping to bring the lamp to market by 2016.

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