Adam Hills Tears Apart Jeremy Hunt And Michael Gove On 'The Last Leg'

Here at the Huffington Post, Adam Hills is fast becoming our favourite person currently gracing the country's TV screens.

Earlier this month he summed up the mood of the nation with a brutal monologue against politicians and just this week, his show 'The Last Leg' caused widespread hilarity by trolling Jeremy Hunt with a tuba.

The Australian has continued to target the health secretary and for good measure has had a pop at Michael Gove

During Friday's show, Hills launched a remarkable rant at the pair culminating in a glorious mash-up of a clip of BBC presenter dropping the C-bomb live on air last week.

Hills brought up the case of the NHS doctor, Karan Kapoor, who last week posted his payslip online to prove he was paid less than the minimum wage for being on call.

He then goes on to reference the petition calling for Jeremy Hunt's sacking.

And then the rant really starts...