Dead Mouse Found In Packet Of Huggies Baby Wipes By Norwich Mother Leanne Phelps

A woman has found a dead mouse in a packet of baby wipes whilst removing her make-up before bed.

Leanne Phelps, who is mother to 14-month-old son Carter claims she found the deceased rodent inside the 'Huggies' packet.

The 31-year-old, who is terrified of mice, screamed and immediately washed her face to remove any 'bacteria or germs.'

The dead rodent had apparently made its way into the packet

A spokesman for Huggies said an investigation would be launched as soon as possible: "We're sorry she's had this experience and we will take it very seriously.

"We adhere to the highest standards here and once we have received the packet from the consumer, which we have requested, a full investigation will be carried out."

Phelps, from Norwich, told ITV news: "I have got a big phobia of mice, spiders, anything like that and this was horrible.

"I was taking my makeup off before bed and I was wiping my eyes. I went to pull another wipe out of the packet and saw a dark patch and then I realised what it was.

"Someone suggested that my cat could have put it in there but how would a cat manage to open a packet and put it under at least ten wipes?

"There are no holes in the packaging - there is no other possible explanation other than it must have got in in the factory."