29/07/2015 11:26 BST | Updated 29/07/2015 11:59 BST

Benefits To Obese People And Addicts Who Refuse Treatment Could Be Cut, Cameron To Say

Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
File photo dated 22/10/07 of an overweight woman. Tackling obesity is a major priority the Government has said, as a report warns that one in five cancer deaths is caused by it.

David Cameron is set to announce controversial new plans to suspend or cut benefits for overweight people who refuse to shed the pounds - but the proposals have been met with dismay.

The rules could also extend to those who refuse treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

According to the Independent, the prime minister will announce during a trade visit to Singapore: “We must look at what we do when people simply say no thanks and refuse that help but expect taxpayers to carry on funding their benefits.”

The government found an unlikely ally in the form of Katie Hopkins, who tweeted…

Hopkins has voiced many a controversial opinion about obese people, including labelling them “lazy” and saying that “all fat people want is an excuse”.

Obesity costs the UK £47billion a year - more than armed violence, war and terrorism, according to the Guardian.

The proposals were slated by many…

Although some did support the idea…